Welcome to the TUA Influencer program

If you are on this page, we contacted you because we are searching for content creators with a substantial Instagram or Youtube following in the Netherlands, Belgium and/or Germany who would be interested in promoting our project.


A quick about us:

We are a small startup from Maastricht the Netherlands, selling High-Quality Stretched Canvas at affordable prices. We are also currently setting up a small online art gallery and we are organizing a residency and exhibition in Maastricht this year with the aspiration to do this on a regular basis.

To learn more about us feel free to read about us here.

What we can offer you:

Reimbursement for your services will come in the form of at least 4 free Canvases as well as a commission of 10% of the order value made by every customer who uses the special (20%) discount code or our affiliate link we will create for you to share with your audience. You can either receive this money in cash via Paypal or bank transfer or exchange it for our product at production cost.


If we mutually realize, that this collaboration has been profitable for both parties, we can expand it and negotiate the terms of a long term partnership.


Please refer to this document to see what kind of content we would like you to share on your social media in return for the product of your choice.

If you are interested, but you feel like some of these terms would interfere with the way you are running your account, please feel free to make us a proposal!

As this is considered a paid promotion, you will have to disclose that to your customers.