Ellis Driessen

Ellis graduated from the Maastricht Institute of Arts in the course autonomous art in 2020.

We were especially fascinated with her work and it was always a pleasure peaking through the window into her studio space. Earlier this year we reached out to her and asked if she could give us a little Interview about her practice. Enjoy!

TUA: What do you create?

Ellis: I make many different kinds of work; spatial work, paintings and drawings. In addition, I write about, among other things; artistry, own observations and the vulnerability of humans.

TUA: What does your studio space look like?

Ellis: Due to the Corona situation I had to leave my studio at school quite abruptly. which meant I had to continue my final exams in an alternative place. However, I found a new studio pretty quickly. Now, I have a studio in Heerlen near Lima Ateliers, part of the independent art platform, Greylight Projects. This is my current workplace and will remain so for the time being. Originally, the building was an alternative school that has been empty for a few years. In total there are four studios rented out to artists from the region. There is a lot of space and light because of the large windows.

TUA: How do you work?

Ellis: I'm a morning person so I mostly work in the morning until about past noon.

At school, I was always one of the first in the building. I love peace and quietness, especially when I'm at work. I usually work long and intensively simultaneously on one or two works. I work with different materials on different carrier mediums, I deliberately switch, in order to prevent monotony and repetition. One of the most important things when making work is 'taking distance'. This was taught to me by my painting teacher, in the second year of my studies. I have a tendency to work too long and without taking distance.

For my visual work, but even more so for my writing, I use strolls as inspiration. I wander almost every day. It offers me distance and relaxation and at the same time, during these walks, I reflect on myself and my work.

TUA: What materials are you using regularly?

Ellis: My use of materials is very diverse. What I mainly use for paintings and drawings is acrylic and spray paint, pastel chalk and charcoal. For my spatial works, I use natural materials (branc