Street view - Interview with Patrick Herrig

TUA: where and how did you grow up? Did this affect your ability to connect and enter the art world?

Patrick: I grew up in Saarland in the south-west of Germany, but I left there as soon as I finished my training as a cutting machine operator at the age of 19 and moved to Berlin. I did this primarily to skate the spots there and enjoy the big scene in Berlin.

Skateboarding influences a big part of my life and maybe it was also the first step into drawing and making art myself. I was definitely inspired by the art of other skaters and also by skate videos and magazines which often feature some art as well. To name a name; Ed Templeton inspired me a lot back then.

(Photographed by Bo. Instagram: @mvwkmf)

TUA: Do you do art school?

Patrick: No, I Currently study visual communication in Potsdam. I never went to art school or something similar.

TUA: So you don’t consider Visual Communication to be an artistic education, can you elaborate on that?

Patrick: No, visual communication is design! In my opinion, the biggest difference between design and art is, that design is closer to the people than art. Graphic design has a wider reach than art hanging in a gallery.

Design is everywhere, even if you’re not fully aware of it.

TUA: Your main practices are painting, photography, illustration and animation, give us a brief insight into how you started with each of them.

Patrick: With Photography it was easy: It started with my first analogue Camera ( Canon Ae1). I just tried to take it with me whenever I left the house to go skateboarding and shoot whatever I find interesting. Like I said before; my first motivation and Inspiration to do Illustrations and Paintings came from skateboarding as well.

The Inspiration for my Illustrations often comes from moments and people I see in the city that I wasn't able to take a photo of. With this thought in mind, I go home and try to create a composition. But also film scenes motivate me to do something out of it. I think a good motivation for me is looking at the works of other artists all the time!

TUA: You have been skateboarding most of your life, spending a lot of time in the streets.

How did that shape your perception of the world and your creativity?

Patrick: I think it teaches me to accept all the people around me. I mean you get another view on your environment as you come in contact with and hear the stories of the people that you normally just walk past. Sometimes you see really weird stuff that makes you pensive. Skateboarding also takes me to places in the city that I wouldn’t otherwise go to. I think all these aspects shape my view on my environment and this view definitely influences my own art.

TUA: If you are out in the streets observing the everyday life of Berlin's residents, what

do you notice, what do you embrace and what concerns you?

Patrick: That's a tough one, and I’d rather not answer. You can find the answers you are looking for in my art - but I embrace going out.

Most of the time to the bigger main streets and I try to find interesting people to capture.

Just by walking through the streets, I get a lot of ideas and impressions that often turn out to be the foundation of my work. There is no end to it. Same street, different day - another interesting moment or aspect I want to hold on to.

TUA: Do you think it is an artist's responsibility to write about their work? why?

Patrick: No. I even think that it’s cool (sometimes) when the artist does not write anything about the artwork and the viewer can come up with their own thoughts about it. I like it because everybody does it in their own way and it’s interesting to see the different angles.

TUA: Where would you ideally see your artwork exposed?

Patrick: I'm very into music so I’m definitely interested in making artwork for a Vinyl LP or something like that. As an Illustrator, I try to be open to every medium.

I am always searching for interesting people, companies or magazines to work with.

My paintings for me are a way to express myself and I create them for myself, so I never really thought about where I would want to expose them. Once I finish up my Skatevideo “Suffer the Suffer” sometime in 2021 I would like to organize (If the corona situation allows) an exhibition/video premiere.

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