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  • Measurements: 50cm X 50 cm X 3,8 cm
  • Stretcher baars: Kiln dried, Sweedish Spruce wood from sustainable forrests
  • Canvas: 430 g/sqm, Oxford Weave, 100% Unbleached Indian Cotton
  • Primer: Titanium white Gesso
  • Canvas weight: ~ 0,97 kg
  • Carton weight: ~ 3,88 kg 

(Box of 4 Canvases) 50x50 3,8cm

  • We exclusively sell in cartons of 4, meaning that 1 purchased unit contains 4 canvases. Shipping in boxes of 4 is more sustainable and cheaper for the customer. Packaging the canvases in units of 4 also makes them more resistant to shipping stress.

Clean Finish

Our 100% cotton studio canvas is back stapled , and stretched with a cut at the corner of the canvas, instead of the traditional fold. This contributes to a clean finish which will enable you to display your work without a frame. This stretching technique also ensures the even distribution of the surface tension. The shape of the stretcher bars prevents them from leaving imprints on the painted surface.

Sustainable Wood

The wood for our stretcher bars is harvested from sustainable Swedish spruce forests and kiln-dried. This ensures little to no warping of the canvas when stored without exposure to high changes in humidity and temperature.

Quality Cotton

Our 100% unbleached Indian Cotton, is woven into a 430g/sqm canvas using a two on one Oxford weave.  The Canvas is then finished by priming it three times with acid-free, highly pigmented titanium white gesso.

About TUA

TUA Art Supplies is a student-run business; we stand for a social art world and sell our high-quality product with no more profit than necessary.


We believe in the importance of art, especially the art and artists that are yet to be discovered.

Over the past 25 years, our manufacturer has worked on building ethical and sustainable production chains and has been successfully providing to the European and American market.

Nakiv Art

The Undiscovered Artist is currently collaborating with other artists and social projects in order to collect donations to support Nakivart, an Art Therapy program in the Refugee settlement Nakivale in Uganda which had been founded by members of the local Entrepreneur Network, Opportunigee, in 2014. You are encouraged to donate upon checkout through our site to help us support Nakivart. The first stage of support, in our multi-staged plan, is to provide art education books and art supplies. If you are interested in this, our ideas, and projects please follow our Instagram.




For a social art world