Return Policy

  • 1. Return In remorse cases:

 According to European Law you have the right to return any good purchased online within 14 days after you received the good, without giving any explanation or reason to us. We respect this right under the legally permitted condition that; you the buyer in such a case, bare all the costs, required to return the shipping unit including all the products originally contained in it, back to us.

We do not accept returns of individual products originally sold in a shipping unit.

 You can find a list of all the shipping costs here in order to make an informed decision.

  • 2. Return in damage cases:

According to European Law you have the right to a price reduction, a full refund or to have your good repaired or replaced, if it is faulty or does not meet the advertised standard in performativity or looks.

Although you purchase shipping units containing multiple products, you are eligible to this right if one individual product is faulty or does not meeting the advertised standard.

  • 2-1. We, The Undiscovered Artist do not replace individual products, as the shipping of individual canvases increases the chance of damage during shipping; which could lead to us having to, again replace a replacement product.

  • 2-2. We, The Undiscovered Artist do not offer any repair services.

  • 2-3. Unless all products contained in a shipping unit are faulty or do not meet the advertised standard in looks or performativity we, The Undiscovered Artist do not offer a full refund of the value of the entire shipping unit.

  • 2-4. We, The Undiscovered Artist offer a partial refund for any damaged product contained in a shipping unit. The Amount of the refund equals the price of the shipping unit plus the shipping costs divided by the number of products contained in the shipping unit. Example: The Shipping Unit contains 4 products and costs 90 euros. The Shipping costs are 10 Euros. 90euros + 10euros= 100euros, 100euros/4= 25euros. The refund is 25euros.

  • 3. Definition of Terms:

Good: Good is a in the context of this Policy, in itself not specified term, which requires the use of the terms; product or Shipping unit post or prior to it in order to unfold its meaning.

Product: A product is a sealed good with its own UPC code.

Shipping unit: A shipping unit is a number of Products (on our website usually four) that are sold and shipped together in one box with its own UPC code.


If you find yourself having a problem with our products or services you can also start a case on the website of the Online Dispute Resolution by the European Union.

We are willing to engage in dispute resolution processes through one of the Online Dispute Resolution Bodies recommended by the European Union.

Shipping Included: The prices you see displayed all over our website are final prices including shipping costs and taxes.