Terms of Use

In the context of these Terms of Use; "You", "Customer" and "User" are the Terms used to describe those who are making use of our website, services, and products and "Studio TUA", "us" and "we" are the terms used to describe those who create and run this website and offer its services and products.


By using our Website you agree to the following Terms of Use:

Vouchers, Discount Codes, and Discounts

1. Vouchers

Vouchers are coupons with a fixed monetary value, given to our customers as compensation for a damaged product or dissatisfying service. Vouchers from Studio TUA can otherwise only be attained through a promotional giveaway officially endorsed by Studio TUA. Please find a list of all past and current endorsed giveaways below.

Studio TUA vouchers are valid for 3 years as of the date of reception through the customer.
Studio TUA vouchers will become invalid and can neither be used nor be claimed in any other form, including cash, in case of the closure of the company Studio TUA VoF. Should the company be closed we will inform all our customers and e-mail subscribers at least one month in advance.

Studio TUA vouchers can not be exchanged for cash; neither in full nor partly.
Studio TUA vouchers can not be applied to orders made prior to their arrival with the holder. 

2. Discount Codes

Discount codes are coupons with a fixed monetary value or fixed percentage discount rate. These coupons can be attained through various sources. Discount codes are not compensation and henceforth do not form a legally binding contract between Studio TUA and the obtained of the Discount code.
We strive to inform our customers and prospective customers as well as possible about the terms and conditions related to our Discount Codes; such as minimum order value and Quantity, products that are excluded from certain discount codes, or the expiration date of it. 

We nevertheless explicitly reserve the right to discontinue any discount code at any given time or to change the conditions under which it is possible to use it. Due to the nature of a Discount Code; being a coupon that is not specifically created for a certain person we can not inform everyone who is in possession of a Discount Code about a change of its conditions of usability. 

3. Discounts

Discounts are reductions in the retail price of the products offered by Studio TUA. Discounts are depicted either as a decrease in percentages or a decrease in numbers of a certain currency. 
You have no right to a discount and discounts are only available as long as they are being displayed during the check-out calculation. Please be cautious; if a discount has not been displayed during the checkout process you can not claim it retrospectively.
Studio TUA reserves the right to discontinue any Discount at any given time without prior notice.


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